RAH Photo Club was established in 2016 by professional photographer Rebecca Hutchins to bring together her love of photography as an art form, adventures, walks on the beach, the natural beauty of the Bay Area and the creative spark of kids and teens.

In the club, Hutchins teaches the fundamentals of camera use and capturing light as well as incorporating multimedia materials into projects. She encourages students to seek their creative voices and to hone their eye for the beautiful and the unexpected.

Students travel together to locations around Marin and San Francisco in search of inspiration for their art. They work together to experience the joy of collaborating with others and form their own artistic community.

People aged 8-18  are welcome. Adult classes offered upon occasion.

Written by Daisy Scholz



Rebecca Hutchins is a professional photographer specializing in portraiture with 20 years experience creating images for news, weddings and families. She is also an artist with a passion for the creative process and bringing out the innate creativity of kids. This may be because she is a child at heart herself with a deep appreciation for the natural desire to make art that springs from within children. 


Rebecca specializes in using nontraditional settings and materials to show her students how art can be found and made anywhere, and to inspire others to find their own artistic voice. You will find Rebecca and her students upside down and sideways, finger-painting, making homemade filters, making Claymation videos and much much more.  They will learn the proper use of a SLR camera as well as adjusting apertures and shutters while learning how to photograph in natural light. 


Rebecca attended art school at school Columbia College in Chicago, runs her own portraiture business, and has taught photography and art to kids in Marin County and San Francisco since 2002.


She has studied Art and Photography with a wide range of talented instructors and has developed her own unique perspective on teaching the elements of seeing and capturing light.


Written by Daisy Scholz


 What People Say


Rebecca is so crazy fun to have as a photography teacher. I loved working with her, especially with photo paper and watercolors to make prints. We travel around to communities and school campus' in search of worthy photos while learning what our cameras can do and how to take the best pictures.


 What's Happening

RAH Photo Club is booking Fall Workshops!

Dates: September 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th

Time: 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Price: $220




Rebecca Hutchins


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